1 Malop St - Profile

1 Malop St

Victoria, Australia

WELL Project Description

Quintessential Equity recognises that we can make a difference by reducing our environmental footprint. We are committed to improving the environmental performance of the buildings we are involved in, by adopting an efficient and holistic approach in construction, operation and maintenance.
Developed by Quintessential Equity, this landmark, 15,604sqm building was completed in December 2017 and is WorkSafe Victoria’s new headquarters.
Environmentally, 1 Malop St is at the global forefront of sustainability and occupant wellbeing, and the first of its kind in Victoria. Socially, it will help revive Geelong’s CBD. Economically, it supports local business/workers. And for industry, it provides an example of best practice in international standards.

Project Area
261,132 sq ft
Quintessential Equity
Civic Organizations & Government
Certification Level Achieved