Haworth Los Angeles Showroom - Profile

Haworth Los Angeles Showroom

California, United States

WELL Project Description

Located in the Los Angeles financial district at 444 South Flower, Haworth’s showroom features Well Building Certification along with beautiful views of downtown LA and abundant daylight via the 360-degree views on the 48th floor.

The design of the new L.A. Haworth showroom was led by Perkins+Will in coordination with the Haworth design team and themed around “whole spaces” to provide the foundation for a sense of well-being. The design reflects unique aspects of the surrounding Los Angeles neighborhood with articulated structures, graffiti graphics and vibrant contrasting colors that characterize the Post Modern palette. Furniture layouts include a variety of group and individual spaces to accommodate a mix of workstyles and collaborative modes.

The showroom design incorporates Well Building Standards via increased levels of fresh air exchange; ergonomic furniture; sit-stand options for desks; non-toxic and non-offgassing materials; and air and water quality filtering and testing. The Haworth space also meets LEED Gold certification through energy, lighting, and water reduction, as well as use of recyclable and recycled materials.

Project Area
14,542 sq ft