Landsec Workplace - Profile

Landsec Workplace

London, United Kingdom

WELL Project Description

The Landsec workplace is the first commercial office in the world to achieve both WELL Certified Silver and BREEAM Outstanding, setting a global benchmark for healthy, sustainable office space, and simultaneously becoming the UK’s largest fully WELL Certified space. The project was also awarded the BREEAM Office Refurbishment and Fit Out Award 2017 owing to achieving the highest ever rated BREEAM 2014 Fit Out at post-construction stage.

At 80-100 Victoria Street, over 400 staff are based on one floor, with no partitions or isolated spaces. The base building is over 10 years old, and has been refurbished to the highest standards with a combination of technology, office design and research all contributing to an award winning modern workplace.

The new offices facilitate activity-based working (ABW), with multiple different work settings for people to use throughout the day. There are sit-stand desks, treadmill desks and a wide variety of seating options across the office designed to complement an active working day.

In open-plan areas the design team reduced background distractions by introducing white-noise machines at strategic points. These help to increase privacy levels without the need for physical walls. Quiet rooms, soundproof booths and atria allow for peaceful and individual work spaces.

Landsec encourages collaboration by providing plenty of places for teams to get together. That includes meeting pods, comfortable sofa areas and informal presentation spaces. Electronic communication has decreased as a result, with internal emails down by 18% because people are more able to speak face-to-face.

As research has shown, natural light is important, but the team went further, installing circadian lighting which controls artificial light, controlling brightness levels, a good range of colour and changing to mimic the time of day.

The connectivity of the new working environment is also more seamless than before, with employees using Microsoft Surface Pro tablets. This means everyone is automatically connected to the screens in meeting rooms and workspaces, and is free to work anywhere they please.

The workplace includes a roof garden with seating and fast wi-fi, and access to the surrounding Cardinal Place estate for employees to sit, have coffee, eat and socialise. And a selection of free, healthy breakfasts, snacks and juices are available throughout the working day.

Project Area
47,921 sq ft
Certification Level Achieved